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We're here to help with all your Air Gun needs.

TMac’s will service and repair paintball guns, antique air guns, obsolete air guns, air gun modifications and more.

All air gun repairs performed by TMac’s Air Gun Service are as follows: We will disassemble, clean and then inspect your gun for missing, worn or damaged parts. The gun is then resealed. After resealing we test-fire all guns to evaluate performance using a Shooting Chrony Beta Master chronograph with a Shooting Chrony Ballistic Printer. So let us bring your new find or childhood companion back up to par with our expert services.

Prices quoted are for resealing only. Replacement of major parts would constitute additional charges.

Please call us for more information 704-325-3931.

Our Repairs & Services Include: Paintball Guns | Antique Air guns | Daisy™ | Obsolete Guns Walther™ | Sheridan™ | Crosman™ | Airgun Tunes | Benjamin™ | Remington™ | Smith & Wesson™ Airgun Modifications

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HICKORY – Tony McDaniel fondly recalls his first air rifle, a Daisy No. 25 pump BB gun that he got when he was 7 or 8 years old.

Neither it nor the various other air rifles McDaniel owned as a youth have survived. “I always ended up taking them apart and putting them back together, sometimes not so successfully,” McDaniel said.

Now 54 and a 35-year veteran of the Hickory Fire Department, McDaniel’s skills at disassembling and reassembling air guns have improved considerably.

Since 2003, the Hickory man has owned TMac’s Air Gun Service, which specializes in the repair and restoration of various types of air guns.

TMac’s customers include animal control officers, veterinarians and biologists who use air guns worth $2,000 or more, but are primarily people who want to repair and restore vintage BB rifles. Jim Ryhal is a typical client.

Ryhal received a Daisy as a Christmas present in 1950. The Model 25 is a real beauty, complete with artful engravings of game birds and a hunter. While Ryhal was serving in the U.S. Marines in the early 1960s, a younger brother or sister broke the gun.

Ryhal held on to it anyway.

“I can’t explain it except to say it was my first gun,” said Ryhal, now 67 and living in Hubbard, Ohio.

“It’s a piece of my childhood that I treasure.”

Like most of TMac’s customers, Ryhal found the service through an Internet search. After discussing the air rifle with McDaniel, Ryhal shipped it to him for repair and restoration. The project cost Ryhal $130, including shipping, a price he said was well worth paying. “When I pulled it out of the shipping package I couldn’t have been more pleased,” Ryhal said. “It was just beautiful.”

McDaniel understands, and said it gives him great pleasure to restore air guns for people who love them.

TMac’s is an authorized repair center for Crosman, which includes such brands as Remington, Smith & Wesson, Benjamin/Sheridan, Umarex, Logan, Colt, Beretta, Walther and others. McDaniel has trained with Ron Sauls, a South Carolina Crosman repairman with 40 years of experience. McDaniel still works with Sauls, and writes how-to articles for Sauls’ Airgun Hobby magazine.

McDaniel works on a variety of air guns, including pneumatic (pump-type) guns, CO2 guns, compressed air guns and those that utilize dual fuels.

When he repairs an air gun, McDaniel disassembles, cleans and inspects the gun for missing, worn or damaged parts. He then reseals the gun.

After resealing, guns are test-fired to evaluate performance using a Shooting Chrony Beta Master chronograph with a Shooting Chrony ballistic printer.

McDaniel enjoys the work, and plans to keep doing it when he eventually retires from the Hickory Fire Department.

The Catawba County native is a graduate of St. Stephens High School who joined the Fire Department in 1974.

In 1991, McDaniel received the Benjamin Franklin Fire Service Award for Valor from the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

McDaniel was recognized for rescuing a 3-year-old boy from a burning mobile home and for assisting a truck driver who drove his tractor-trailer rig through the Startown Fire Station, rupturing a propane gas line.

“I guess I’ve always enjoyed helping people,” McDaniel said.


Tony, It’s GREAT!! Got almost 30 shots out of 1 cylinder. I even left a very ‘small’ amount of air in it and it held the pressure over night. THANK YOU for the Great service and you will be hearing from me again. I passed your business info on to a friend and you should be hearing from him soon also. THANKS again, Bob


I had my “160 Pellgun” resealed and calibarated recently. My Crosman 160 belonged to my father. He bought it back in the 60’s. I went to visit him and convinced him to let me have it and repair it. This is the rifle I learned to shoot with and hope to teach my own children with. I used by TMAC’S AIRGUN SERVICE. They are licensed by Crosman, and provided a very professional and fast service. They kept in contact through out the process and shipped it back expeditiously upon completion of repairs.


Tony, I just want to tell you I am completely satisfied. And yes overwhelmed. It brought tears to an old man’s eyes. I know I am not the only sentimental man on the planet. I will refer you to others. Thank Ron Sauls for me also. This Daisy was given to me on Christmas Day 1950. My dad bought it in Sharon, Pa., about 8 miles from my Ohio home. I was 9 yrs. old. Thanks so much.

Sincerely, Jim Ryhal